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Victoria Falls Latex Mattress

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Novo Pure

Organic Collection

Introducing the Victoria Falls 10" Firm Dunlop Organic Latex Mattress – a haven of comfort and wellness for a truly restorative sleep. With a remarkable 15-year warranty, this mattress promises enduring quality and unparalleled support for years to come.

Certified Organic Latex - Pure, Healthy, and Long Lasting: Bid farewell to body impressions, back pain, and night sweats. Embrace the benefits of Certified Organic Latex, a resilient and health-conscious choice. This mattress boasts Organic Dunlop Latex, which offers both resilient support and deep comfort. It aligns with the curves of your body, providing essential pressure relief while ensuring a refreshing and rejuvenating slumber.

Ventilated and Temperature-Regulating: Experience comfort like nature intended with the ventilated surface of the Organic Latex. This feature enhances breathability and temperature regulation, ensuring you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Mold and mildew resistance, combined with its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, create a sleep environment that is not only cozy but also healthy.

Organic Cotton Cover – As Fresh As Cotton: Enjoy the inviting embrace of GOTS-certified organic cotton. With no toxic chemicals used throughout the production process, your sleep environment is healthier and more refreshing. Experience the pure comfort of cotton every time you rest.

Novo Pure Organic Collection – Environmentally Sustainable: The Angel Falls mattress is part of Restwell's Novo Pure Organic Collection, an embodiment of environmentally conscious solutions. Crafted from natural materials and carbon-neutral certified, these mattresses exemplify Restwell's commitment to sustainability.

Carbon Neutral Certified - Balance and Accountability: The manufacturing process's carbon emissions are balanced out by supporting carbon savings elsewhere. This carbon-neutral approach highlights the mattress's commitment to reducing its ecological impact.

GOTS and GOLS Certified - Organic Excellence: The mattress's Organic Cotton Cover is certified by GOTS, emphasizing the use of organic textiles and fibers. Additionally, GOLS certification ensures the mattress's Organic Latex meets stringent organic and environmental standards.

Environmentally Sustainable - Decreasing the Carbon Footprint: The materials chosen for Restwell's mattresses are carefully selected to minimize their carbon footprint. Each element of the mattress is a step towards a greener future.

Forests for Tomorrow - Eco-Conscious Commitment: With a focus on the future, Restwell replenishes the wood used in its foundations by replanting trees in ecologically devastated areas, contributing to the restoration of our environment.

With the Victoria Falls 10" Firm Dunlop Organic Latex Mattress, you embrace a sleep experience that's not only luxuriously comfortable but also ethically and environmentally conscious. Awaken each morning revitalized and ready to conquer the day ahead. Elevate your sleep with Angel Falls – where comfort meets consciousness.