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Celebrity Euro Top Mattress

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Unmatched Comfort and Support

CertiPUR-US® Certification

Our mattresses feature CertiPUR-US® certified flexible polyurethane foam cushioning products. These foams have been rigorously tested and certified by independent laboratories to meet high standards for content, emissions, and durability.

Comfort Gel Soya-Based Foam

The Comfort Gel soya-based foam in our mattresses provides exceptional surface contouring, cushioning, and conformability. This gel foam enhances your sleep experience by adapting to your body's shape, offering unparalleled comfort.

Superior Partner Separation

Equipped with 760 Series Coils, our mattresses work independently to minimize motion transfer between partners. This superior partner separation ensures a restful night's sleep without disturbances, even if your partner moves during the night.

Marvelous Middle® Technology

The Marvelous Middle® technology features a ½” center third design that delivers enhanced support in the center third of the mattress. This innovative feature increases body support, mattress durability, and resiliency, providing a better sleep experience.

High-Density Zoned Soya-Based Convoluted Foam

Our high-density zoned soya-based convoluted foam delivers durable, reinforced cushioning support across all zones of the mattress. This 1 ½ ov ½ foam provides added airflow and pressure relief, ensuring a cooler and more comfortable sleep.

Additional Information

  • Height: Variable
  • CertiPUR-US® Approved: Yes
  • Comfort Level: Customizable based on mattress model
  • Warranty: Varies by product line

Experience the ultimate in comfort and support with our advanced mattress technologies. At King of Mattresses, we are committed to providing you with high-quality, durable mattresses that enhance your sleep and overall well-being. Discover the difference of superior craftsmanship and innovative design today!