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60 Night Comfort Guarantee

60-Night Sleep Trial

We're confident that we can find the perfect mattress for you. That's why we offer a 60-night sleep trial. Take the mattress home, sleep on it for 60 nights, and if it's not right for you, we'll exchange it for a new one.

Breaking In Your New Mattress Your new mattress needs time to adjust to your body. If it feels too firm, try walking on it gently or press down with your hands and feet to soften it.

Adjustment Period A new mattress will feel different from your old one. Your body needs time to adjust, and the mattress needs time to mold to your body shape. It's normal to feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but with time, you'll get used to it. We recommend giving it at least 30 days.

The Details

When you buy a mattress, you also need to buy a mattress protector from us at the same time. Always use the protector on the mattress. If the mattress gets damaged or dirty, the 60-night sleep trial will be cancelled.

You need to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days to let your body adjust and the mattress break in. You have 60 days from delivery to exchange the mattress.

If you want to exchange the mattress, you must choose one of the same price or higher. If the new mattress costs more, you'll need to pay the difference.

The replacement mattress will be sold at the current sale price. There's a $100 exchange fee to cover delivery and pick-up costs. If the delivery address is more than 50KM from the store, the fee will be higher. Contact us for the exact amount.

The 60-night sleep trial doesn't apply to custom-made mattresses, floor models, or clearance mattresses.

The sleep trial is only valid at the original store of purchase and is limited to one exchange per product ordered. This trial only applies to mattresses. It doesn't apply to foundations, platforms, adjustable bases, pillows, and bedding products. These items are final sale for hygiene reasons.

The store manager has the final say on these terms and conditions.