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Chiro Comfort Marble

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Introducing the Spring Air Chiro Comfort Marble 10” ULTRA FIRM Two-Sided Tight Top Mattress – a masterpiece of tranquility and rejuvenation. Meticulously crafted to enhance your sleep experience, this mattress offers a symphony of comfort, support, and luxury, creating an oasis of relaxation for an exquisite slumber.

A solid 10 out of 10 for firmness!

Fabric & Quilt - Soft Touch Fabric: Embark on a journey of refined comfort as you rest upon the Soft Touch Fabric gracing the surface of the Chiro Comfort Marble mattress. This sumptuous Organic Cotton fabric boasts a natural and silky texture, promoting optimal breathability throughout the mattress. Immerse yourself in a sleep environment that is both natural and healthful, offering an exceptional tactile experience that envelops you in serenity.

½” Firm ECOTEX Gel Infused Foam: Delight in a cooler and more indulgent sleep with the ½” layer of Firm ECOTEX Gel Infused foam. This cutting-edge material not only effectively disperses heat but also seamlessly integrates luxurious comfort with exceptional support. As you settle in, bask in the embrace of this innovative foam, meticulously designed to establish an ideal sleep temperature and provide a soothing retreat.

Conforma Fiber: Surrender to the gentle caress of Conforma fiber, introducing an additional layer of soft cushioning and breathability to enrich your sleep. This fiber cradles you tenderly, creating an oasis of relaxation that contributes to a superior night's rest.

Foam Core: Beneath the surface, the mattress's foam core reaches new heights in comfort and support:

  • 8” Extra Firm High Density Core: This core, engineered to provide solid and consistent support, forms the bedrock of your serene sleep haven.

Temperature Regulation: Remain cool and comfortable as you rest, courtesy of the ECOTEX™ Gel Infused Foam. This innovation promotes air circulation and even distribution of body heat, ensuring your slumber is undisturbed by overheating.

Support - ECOTEX Foam Core Support System: The mattress's core conforms to your body, extending personalized comfort and alleviating pressure points for a truly individualized sleep experience.

Motion Transfer: Revel in undisrupted sleep with the added Firm ECOTEX™ Foam. This layer minimizes motion transfer while offering extra lumbar support, promoting restful sleep and a healthier posture.

Moisture Wicking: Conforma Fiber augments air circulation and breathability within the mattress, fostering a comfortable sleep environment that enhances the quality of your rest.

Peace of Mind: Certified by the independent CertiPUR-US lab for quality and low emissions, this mattress assures both your well-being and environmental consciousness. Crafted with Earth-friendly ECOTEX soy-based quilting foam, the mattress embodies sustainability. The Eco-Base, sourced from the Forest for Tomorrow Program, underscores the commitment to a greener future.

With the Spring Air Chiro Comfort Marble 10” ULTRA FIRM Two-Sided Tight Top Mattress, you enter a realm of serene slumber. Rest assured with the 10-5 Warranty, a testament to enduring quality. Experience the art of sleep refinement, where each night unfolds into a symphony of relaxation. Awaken each morning revitalized and prepared to conquer the day ahead. Explore the epitome of sleep luxury with Spring Air.