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Chiro Comfort Ucluelet

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Presenting the UCLUELET 11½” Never-Turn Hybrid Mattress with Waterfall Slipcover  MEDIUM TO FIRM feel - an epitome of indulgence and innovation, uniquely combining the soothing comfort of memory foam with the support of a pocket coil system. This meticulously designed mattress redefines your sleep experience, fusing comfort, support, and sophistication for an unparalleled slumber.

Upholstery - 1” Gel Memory Foam: Immerse yourself in the luxury of a cooler sleep and targeted pressure point relief with the 1” layer of Gel Memory Foam. This advanced material adapts to your body's contours, offering not only soothing comfort but also temperature regulation for an exquisite night's rest.

2” Firm ECOTEX™ High Density Foams: Discover the epitome of solid support and comfort with the 2” layer of Firm ECOTEX™ High Density Foams. Crafted to provide a harmonious balance of support and cushioning, this layer envelopes you in a haven of tranquility.

Fiber Pad Insulator System: Experience a hushed and shielded sleep sanctuary with the Fiber Pad Insulator System. This innovation reduces noise and acts as a protective barrier between coils and upholstery layers, ensuring your rest is uninterrupted.

Core - 3-Zone 8” 1200 Count Pocket Coil: At the heart of the mattress, the 3-Zone 8” 1200 Count Pocket Coil system delivers targeted pressure relief and minimizes motion transfer, fostering an undisturbed rest. With firmer coils situated strategically, you receive added support precisely where it's needed – in the lumbar area.

Foam Encased Solid Sleep Edge: The foam encased solid sleep edge provides both a stable foundation for edge-to-edge sleeping surface and extra stability for the coil, significantly reducing sagging and enhancing the overall lifespan of the mattress.

½” ECOTEX™ High Density Foam: Discover the finishing touch to the coil unit, as the ½” layer of ECOTEX™ High Density Foam offers added support. This layer ensures each night is characterized by stable and unwavering comfort.

Memory Foam Feel with Pocket Coil Support System: This unique hybrid mattress provides the embrace of memory foam with the responsive support of a pocket coil system. Experience the contouring comfort and pressure relief of memory foam while enjoying the targeted support of individually wrapped coils.

Peace of Mind: Rest easy with the CertiPUR-US certification, attesting to the quality and low emissions of the foams used. Beyond assurance in the product's quality:

  • Crafted with earth-friendly ECOTEX™ Soy-based foams, the UCLUELET mattress exemplifies environmental responsibility.
  • The Eco-Base, crafted from wood sourced through the Forest for Tomorrow Program, aligns with a commitment to sustainability.
  • The 10-10 Warranty provides a decade of comprehensive coverage, underlining the mattress's enduring quality.

With the UCLUELET 11½” Never-Turn Hybrid Mattress with Waterfall Slipcover, you step into a realm of luxurious slumber that combines the best of memory foam and pocket coil support. Awaken each morning, reinvigorated and ready to conquer the day ahead. Discover the pinnacle of sleep luxury with the UCLUELET.